Chinese acupuncture in Budapest

Located in the historic building of the Mirage Medic Hotel, in the proximity of Heroes’ Square, Széchény Spa and the museum district, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center in Budapest is an oasis of healing that combines modern Western technology with traditional Chinese medicine philosophy to improve health, to heal and revitalise visitors.

Chi-Huang Traditional Chinese Medicine Center

Mirage Medic Hotel - Chinese acupuncture practiceBacked by over 4000 years of medical practice, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body should be treated as a whole, and that proper nutrition and lifestyle can promote natural healing processes. The Traditional Chinese Medicine Center is a strong promoter of preventative healthcare and uses cutting-edge diagnostics technologies that complement traditional treatments.

The Chi-Huang Traditional Chinese Medicine Center was opened as a result of growing interest in the herbal-based supplements and lifestyle advice offered by Dr. Chen Zhen trough Dr. Chen Patika®.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Europe

The status of traditional Chinese medicine was officially recognised by Hungary in 2003, when it was included as part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In the last couple of years, traditional Chinese medicine has seen a significant expansion in EU member states and other Western countries, which is also reflected by the important role Chinese medicine has gained in European healthcare services.

Recently, a European-Chinese conference on TCM was held at the European Parliament to discuss the future of TCM in Europe. The conference was held with the participation of government ministries, professional associations from all member states of the European Union. This conference resulted in the establishment of the FP7 framework programme, which encourages and promotes scientific collaboration between Europe and China in the field of traditional Chinese medicine application and herb usage.

Acupuncture Treatment and other Services at Chi-Huang TCM Center

Treatment and preventative therapies at the Traditional Chinese Medicine Center are carried out based on the values and core principles of TCM, however, tenets of modern medical science are also incorporated in treatment plans as a complementary diagnostics tool and treatment measure.

Treatment plans are personalised following a traditional comprehensive diagnosis and health report. Based on results, the team of experts at Chi-Huang TCM Center offers nutrition and lifestyle advice and prescribe a custom combination of herbs in order to promote fast recovery and prevent further illnesses.

Acupuncture, traditional Chinese healing massage, moxibustion, cupping, and combination therapies are all available for patients seeking longer treatments or patients who want to combine healthcare services with travel.

Patients that follow a several day or week-long treatment plan can stay at the Mirage Medic villa hotel, which also houses the medical centre. During their stay at the hotel, patients can enjoy healthy eating by tasting traditional Chinese specialties including detoxifying salads, Asian mushroom soups, herbal teas promoting comfort, healthy digestion, immunity and well-being.

The Chi-Huang TCM Center is where thousands of years of traditional wisdom meets scientific medical advancements to help recovery and promote long-term health. The centre an help you combine travelling and medical services in Budapest, one of the health capitals of Europe, known for its wide-ranging and high quality healthcare services.

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