Holistic hair therapy

Scalp map: Scalp health analysis – Scalp diagnosisProblems associated with the health of the scalp and hair are not mere aesthetic issues, but signs that something might be amiss with the health of your entire body. This is the holistic approach to hair treatment, which looks at the body as a whole and treats the underlying cause – be it physical or spiritual – and not only the symptoms.

The Nice Hair Therapy method pioneered by Éva Kis rests on this idea and on 21 years of experience in scalp analysis and scalp diagnosis. Throughout the years, as a holistic hair therapist, Éva Kis has devised a “scalp map” that sheds light on the causal link between hair issues and the health condition of individuals.

Scalp health analysis – Scalp diagnosis

Hair loss, balding, patchy hair loss, hair thinning and other diseases of the hair and scalp (greasy hair, dandruff, itching, psoriasis, acne) in most cases, are distress signals of your body drawing attention that something is not right. All these problems could be a sign of bad eating habits, functional disorders, metabolic disorders, problems with internal organs, or an increased toxicity of the body.

For the treatment of hair and scalp related issues, Éva Kis uses a complex therapeutic method that relies on various tests and examinations with modern instruments to detect and help treat the underlying health issues.

In instances where hair and scalp issues can be interpreted as symptoms of other health issues of the body, Éva Kis believes that the body’s energetic processes can be influenced through various supplements and bio-signals, which can elicit positive responses from the body, even if applied topically.

Treating the scalp and the entire body

Based on several years of research and experience, the Hair Nice hair and scalp treatment product line that includes shampoos and hair masks, combine the beneficial effects of aromatherapy, natural herbs and bio-stimulants to promote healthy hair growth and optimal functioning of hair cells. Thus, the effects of natural herbs are amplified through discreet targeted bio-signals that have a beneficial effect both on the body and spirit of individuals.

Where necessary, Éva Kis combines the various products of the Hair Nice product line with complex internal therapies to achieve the best possible results.

As for the instruments and techniques used in assessing the health status of patients, here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Hair and scalp health assessment using a sophisticated micro camera;
  • Manual examination of the spine and abdominal organs;
  • Assessment of body toxicity with a special instrument;
  • Energetic assessment to shed light on the functioning, energetic levels and the negative effects of harmful terrestrial radiations on the body’s energetic centres or chakras.

Based on the findings of these tests a complex and personalised treatment program can be set up. Thus, many common diseases of the scalp and hair can be managed and treated including balding, hair loss and hair thinning, greasy hair, dandruff and psoriasis.

Only a holistic hair treatment can bring long-term results for many of these hair ailments, and the hair therapies practiced at Hair Nice Therapy are all based on this therapeutic principle.