Best MLM Companies Australia for business 2023

Top MLM companies Australia: Business ideas in Australia 2020

Multi Level MarketingNetwork Marketing Companies Australia 2023

Are you looking to join some promising new opportunites within the Multi Level Marketing arena? It is no longer Oriflame, AmWay, Avon, DXN, Herbalife or FLP that take the biscuit. Nuskin used to be a good choice (personal care pruducts) in 2010 for direct selling and network marketing companies.

In our social media times, however you should look for dynamically developing MLM business like doTERRA or Asea – as health and innovation provide one of the best opportunities to make money with building networks (network marketing) and autoship deals. An MLM company is different from pyramid schemes in many ways.

Companies investing in pure essential oils like Young Living or doTERRA are just as good business opportunities as ASEA RENU 28 gel selling MLM that has a unique technique to stabilise the REDOX molecule that is so vital in preserving and improving our health and maintain longevity in so many ways. This business model is legitimate and a good way to make money.

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Some of these MLM programmes are just emerging in Australia so if you want to join direct selling businesses it is the right time to build your MLM business opportunity from scratch – a good startup opportunity for home business owners widely advocated in social media.

Doterra – Essential Oils (singles and blends)

dōTERRA company has risen to be the worldwide leader in essential oil business, recognised by its approach to culture awareness, community inclusiveness and wellness programmes.

Asea Redox Molecule – Cell Signaling Supplements

ASEA redox cell signaling for MLM business Australia 2020Redox signaling molecules facilitate communication between cells, helping to protect, rejuvenate, and keep cells functioning at optimal levels thus they are key to health and longevity.

ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, is dedicated to providing a sustainable lifestyle and healthy ageing with top selling ASEA water and RENU 28 gel.

If you want to find out more about this wonderful product or you are interested in buying options, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can register an Asea account and we can help you in that. You can build your own MLM business with us and make good money to live a free way of life!

MLM companies in Australia registration

Why the traditional network marketing methods do not work?

Let me tell you a story: a couple days ago I received and e-mail, which pissed me off a little and the reason for that is a phenomenon, which I already faced multiple times. I wanted to share this experience with you a long ago and now, I finally had the time to get my thoughts together- listen carefully, it will be instructive!

The e-mail I mentioned, was from a coach, which he wrote to the team-leaders, whose goal is the profit. People love networking, because despite the difficulties, for most of them this is the only chance of providing a European level standard of living to their families.

But we, team-leader have  have a few specific features, that can NOT be ignored: WE ARE HUMANS! What do I mean by that?

By this I mean that team-leaders like you and me have two features that should not be forgotten, otherwise it might have crippling consequences:

  • we do have feeling, also we do not like to be rejected
  • we are no robots, we simply hate monotonous tasks

I am pretty sure we can all agree on that, right? For obvious reasons we don’t like being rejected all the time, also your basic „nine-to-five” job and it’s boring tasks are not challenging anymore for you.

Despite all this – How top MLM companies succeed?

The traditional networking methods are leading you straight into rejections and turning you into a robot.

They teach you stuff about marketing (like the ones I received in the e-mail) that do not take in consideration that being constantly rejected by your acquaintances is quite hurtful for you feelings and they tell you to do a number of phone calls and presentations, just like a robot.

Instead they could tell you how to attract hundreds of queries. But most of the coaches teach you to

CHASE  people that you don’t even need. They want you to do cold-calls because by the law of big numbers there will be a few that are interested, instead of getting to a point, where people REACH OUT TO YOU by themself.

They teach you methods, that is bad for your soul, believe me there are much better alternatives for networking.

The law of big numbers does work, I do agree on that, but there is a big difference between achieving your goals harassing people with your „great opportunities” and between making people interested in your team ( ads for example), so they contact you themselves.

What do they teach you that is actually harmful and you shouldn’t be spending your time on?

  1. Write a list of your friends and call them

Come on… it’s 2020. This method is so known, that all your friends you haven’t seen for some time, will figure your plan out straight away even if you know your script very well. Most of the time these poor souls have been invited to presentations multiple times and they simply will make something up, so they can reject your invitation.

Even if you can arrange a presentation somehow, there is a good chance of being rejected again, simply because contacting people you haven’t seen in 20 years is not a pleasant job.

Remember- the initiator always starts off of a „losing” position. If people would be reaching out to you somehow, there would be a much greater chance of them joining your team.

By the way, have you ever seen a businessman calling all his friends and asking them to buy his product? I don’t think so… Presidents of big companies are using ads to target their potential customers, this way the demands can meet the supplies. That is a winning position.

  1. Organise 20 presentations a week

Just like a robot! And do it with enthusiasm and a huge smile on your face. The fact that you have been rejected 5 times earlier doesn’t really matter.

Honestly, nobody got time for that. To do this kind of work, you need passive income and lots of free time. But you need to get to this point somehow. So basically, you have no free time to do 20 presentations a week, so you will have no passive income, which again, means no free time, which means no income… It’s a trap.

  1. If you did a presentation, ask for recommendations

If somehow you manage to organize a presentation with somebody, but the person decides to decline your offer, ask him to give you contacts of people, that might be interested. That’s what harassment means.

In the e-mail that I was talking about earlier, a coach present a phone call which happened between him pretending to be a potential newbie and a team-leader. The coach was badgering the team-leader for like 10 minutes with his questions. At the end the team-leader was unable to get the coach to participate in a presentation. The coach used this record, to show people and example on how to talk to people you know nothing about. Also, he admitted that you need at least 20 calls a week to progress.

No wonder why team-leaders need so much motivation on trainings! Do you really think thats what you need to succeed? I don’t.

  1. Start chatting with unfamiliar people on streets, trains, on Facebook or basically anywhere

This method is for people who are obsessed with being rejected. I agree that you can leave your comfort zone this way, the law of big numbers works and that you can learn new ways of starting a conversation, but from the first moment you are starting from a losing position. Remember? In marketing, the best possible option is if the customer ask you for information.

I honestly think that these recruitment methods are giving a bad name to the network marketing. The team-leaders are acting like hunters and this way their friends and family are their prey. It doesn’t mean that this situation cannot be changed. What if I tell you that you can be the prey, and the people interested in your offer are the hunters. All you need to do is to choose the right strategy, which can make people want to join, without you even contacting them.

MLM companies in Australia registration