Plasma generator to kill viruses, fungi, bacteria

Radio frequency to kill parasites / pathogens: fungi, viruses and bacteriaThe electromagnetic frequency generator or plasma generator is a treatment method that looks back on almost 100 years of research. The therapy based on this instrument builds on the discoveries of renowned scientists including Dr Royal Raymond Rife, Bob Beck, Pioré Antonie, Dr. Hulda Regerh Clark, and Nicola Tesla. The instrument follows a simple methodology and helps in the eradication of pathogens like fungi, bacteria or viruses without causing any side effects to the host.

How Does the Plasma Generator Work?

The plasma generator works based on the basic principle of “feedback”. This phenomenon rests on the idea that all living organisms have their own electromagnetic frequency that is specific to their species. The unit of measure for this electromagnetic frequency is 1 Hertz / one vibration / second.

This vibration is unique to every microorganism, and it’s almost constant across a certain species. Dr Royal Raymond Rife, one of the pioneers of the high radio frequency plasma generator, found that if this vibration is targeted to a microorganism that produces it, the microorganism in question is destroyed with time.

These targeted vibrations will create an oscillation of the microorganism’s cell wall or membrane, which will break as a result of the increasing tension due to the oscillation. The microorganism thus deactivates and perishes.

As opposed to the cell membranes of pathogens, human cell membranes are a hundred thousand times more resistant to this oscillation, which is why the plasma generator will eradicate pathogens, all the while keeping the surrounding tissue intact.

Some examples to demonstrate the importance of such a treatment:

  • HPV
  • hepatitis
  • lyme disease (Borrelia)
  • epstein barr
  • herpes
  • influenza
  • candida
  • streptococcus
  • staphylococcus
  • helicobacter pylori
  • escherichia coli (E-coli)

What are the Advantages of the Plasma Generator?

The electromagnetic wave emitted by the plasma generator can easily penetrate the cell membrane of pathogens rendering them unable to infect or to reproduce. Thanks to this, the plasma generator can be an effective instrument in treating diseases that are the result of bacterial or viral infections.

The plasma generator can be used in the treatment process of over 800 diseases, since many diseases are caused by the presence of some kind of pathogen or bacteria in the body.

Clinical trials conducted by Dr Rife in the 1930s documented the effects of the plasma generator on late-stage cancers. Of the 16 patients treated with the plasma generator 14 recovered following a 6-week treatment, while the other two patients recovered following an adjusted (more potent) therapy. This instrument was also used by Antoine Priore in animal testing in the 1960s and 1970s to cure tumours and other dangerous conditions.

Electromagnetic Therapy and Diseases: you can fight fungi, viruses, bacteria (parasites)

There are various instruments that rely on electromagnetic frequency to treat diseases, and of these the plasma generator ranks highest in efficiency. The electromagnetic beam ray created by the plasma generator has an unlimited penetration power, which makes its targeted use on pathogens possible.

Depending on the disease and the pathogen causing it, the electromagnetic therapy is administered for several minutes at a time, several times a week.

There are ongoing studies in the medical community on the effects of low level electromagnetic energy on various diseases including cancer. Because these “beam-rays” don’t seem to affect normal cells, new therapies can be devised that target the disease without producing undesirable side effects.