Plastic surgery at an affordable cost

When foreigners visit Hungary, they usually say that Hungarian women are the most beautiful in the world. Well, with such well-trained plastic surgeons, it is not much of a challenge.

Here, before someone becomes a qualified plastic surgeon, they need to work as general surgical residents for 5 years, and 3 more years in plastic surgery after the 6-year-long university education. So, by the time they can practice alone, they have already been studying about their chosen fields for almost one and a half decade. Plastic surgery abroad - HungaryAnd if the long years of learning have not convinced you, then please keep in mind that Hungarian medical schools are famous for their high level of education, and students come here to study from all over the world. This is why you can be sure that you’ll be in great hands, and you will get at least as great care as what you would get at home. The only difference is in the price.

Cosmetic surgery at the heart of Europe

Plastic Surgery in Hungary is a lot cheaper than in Western Europe, even if you add the costs of traveling and accommodation to the full price. Have you been dreaming about bigger tits, less wrinkles, smaller waist or a cute nose? Then do not let the costs frighten you. Hungarian plastic surgeons provide a high quality care for sometimes half the price as what you would otherwise pay at home.

High quality low cost aesthetic interventions in Budapest, Hungary

Obviously, there are quite huge differences in the costs, as well, depending on the doctor’s and the additional staff’s experience. If you are considering to get a breast implant, for instance, you should expect a price of about 600 to 2700 Euros, while the average price is around 1300 EUR. If you wish to have smaller tits, though, then it costs around 2000 Euros for women and 1400 Euros for men.

If you want to get rid of the extra abdominal weight, then you should expect a price range from 1200 EUR to 3500 EUR in average, depending on how much you wish to get rid of. The price of face lifting also varies depending on your needs, but it is usually between 800 and 2700 euros, but if you are only considering to get a Botox, the costs are less than 800 Euros for your full face.. A nose job is slightly more expensive with its 1500 EUR price than lip correction with only 1000 euros.

Private Clinics is Budapes, Hungary await UK patients

The additional costs of sedation, or staying at a private clinic are not included in these average prices, but even if you take them into consideration, the price of your beauty will be a lot more affordable than in Western countries.