The solo getaway – a new trend in the travel industry?

By | February 14, 2021

After a closure of almost a year now, the world is desperately in need of a renewal, the restart of tourism cannot wait any longer. Due to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines the return of travel is not just a dream anymore. Many people are longing for reconnecting on trips with family and friends but we can also observe a new trend in post-Covid travelings: a boom in solo getaways. Some of us have the feeling that we have been with our families way too much during the quarantine and now we need time alone.

Moms all over the world in a family with children learning at home, and two parents working from home, they start to enjoy the thought of solo getaway: ’all by myself, all on my own, with not a single family member or loved one around.’ Maybe several fathers feel the same way. They are dreaming of laying on a sunbed on the beach enjoying a glass of fruit cocktail without the frustrating feeling of having to cook a meal for picky eaters, strolling alone through an art gallery without checking on the status of zoom school, watching a Netflix movie without having the remote snatched away or little kids shouting ’Mummy’ from the bathroom.

More and more people are looking for a solo trip, since they would like to disconnect. Not from the world, but from all of the responsibilities around work and parenting during this pandemic. They do not even need a luxury hotel, just a weekend to themselves where they can do whatever they want. For them, the ideal trip would be adventurous with a huge dose of relaxation. Lately, the concept of my time has become more valuable in families. Each family member including kids need a private place where they can be alone. So if you plan vacations with family and friends for a future time when travel is reopening, do not forget to plan something for yourself, too.

At this stage of the pandemic, most people are desperate to travel and desperate is a prompt description of what many people are feeling. Even the planning of a future holiday feels good. A recent U.S. research shows that those who plan their time off are happier. They have someting to look forward to and they can count the days till the date of departure. They report better physical health and wellbeing and they are even happier with their jobs and the companies for whom they work.

Travelers are excited to plan a trip and this year, people are extremely intertested in planning a vacation for 2021. Right now, there has never been a better time to plan as there are plenty of deals and tour operators and airlines are offering unprecedented flexibility for bookings. You can change the date free of charge or your can even cancel the trip penalty free until the specified deadline. At big tour operators you can book a holiday with no down payment.

Holiday planners can find some of the friendliest booking conditions we have seen in a very long time. Travel companies try to lure customers back this way but hurry as these benefits will not be around forever.