Yumeiho massage

Kotsuban Yumeiho therapy is an oriental massage therapy that combines several techniques to re-establish the symmetry of the body and to maintain or restore its harmonious functioning through joint manipulations, pressure massage, and point therapy.

Short History

Yumeiho massage therapy Budapest, HungaryThe ancient techniques that form the basis of Yumeiho were applied by Shaolin monks who needed it to energise their bodies and to maintain balance and health, indispensable for the practicing of martial arts at advanced levels.

The Yumeiho massage therapy was created by Japanese sensei Prof. Saonji Masayuki, who combined certain techniques used in various Shaolin monasteries with techniques based on the principles of Western medicine.

Yumeiho combines three major techniques:

  • Massage – relaxes tense muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic system and boosts metabolism;
  • Acupressure – helps the flow of energy within the body;
  • Manual therapy – helps restore the right position of joints.

Given that Yumeiho aims to harmonise and to enhance the body’s self-healing capacity, this therapy can be used as a background therapy as well. According to Yumeiho, the normal state of the human body is symmetry, even though almost everyone is asymmetrical.

The reason behind this asymmetry is the displacement of the SI joint, which leads to several functional disorders and diseases.

The Displacement of the SI Joint

There are two opposing forces that act on the human body – the gravitational force acting downwards on the spine, and an opposing supporting force acting on our lower extremities. The meeting of the two force vectors in the pelvic area at the SI joint is critical, because they have a strong opening force.

The SI or Sacroiliac Joint connects the sacrum with the pelvis at the bottom of the spine. The SI essentially distributes the weight of the upper body onto the lower extremities. For long, he minimal displacement that occurred in this joint was not given much taught, but today it is a known fact that this joint can significantly influence the symmetry of the body.

Usually due to straining, the left or the right SI joint dislocates, that is, it gets displaced, which leads to the displacement of the entire pelvis. As a result, our body and legs have to adjust to the new posture. This dislocation leads to the asymmetry the results of which are noticeable even on our faces.

According to several studies, the dislocation of the SI joint can happen even at birth, either because of the position of the foetus in the womb, or as a result of the passage through the birth canal.

Effects of SI Joint Displacement

The effects of the SI joint displacement are numerous. In some cases, the displacement of the SI joint can lead to dysfunctions of the bones, joints and it can even cause problems in the functioning of certain internal organs.

A relative shortening of one of the extremities, a sideways curvature of the spine (scoliosis), tensing of muscles, digestive problems, gastrointestinal problems, obesity, lung and heart issues, and other dysfunctions of internal organs can be caused by SI joint displacement.

Therefore, Yumeiho is a complex therapy that beyond treating musco-skeletal disorders is also efficient at treating diseases that affect internal organs.