Hair transplant UK vs Budapest, Hungary

You might be worried about your too fine hair or bald areas on your scalp, and you might even turn to cheap, effective and non-effective ways because you cannot find a solution that is worth its price. Have you ever heard of hair transplants? It is quite expensive everywhere, but as you are going East, the prices go lower and lower. In most cases, it also involves low value, but not in Hungary. If you look for a solution to your receding hairline, thinning hair or balding on the top of your head you have come to the right place. You can read our French version on our French review.

Hair transplants, the only lasting solution to your hair problems

A hair transplant is performed by a doctor, whose education is still flourishing in Hungary. Their knowledge and expertise is the same as that of doctors in Western Europe and the US. You are probably thinking: „Okay, but the equipment must be of low value then.” The equipment might cost the same, but the low price is the result of the Hungarian average.

Hair replacement procedure: the FUE method

FUE hair transplant UK cost vs abroad

If you are wondering about the process itself, then let me tell you that here, hair transplant is is usually performed in local anesthesia. Depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted, the procedure can take up to a whole day, so the patient is never out during the process. In fact, even breaks are provided when one can eat or drink, and during the process, even reading is allowed usually. When the anesthetics have started to work, the search for enough hair begins. The procedure is called hair transplantation because the patient’s own „hair” is transplanted.

The nape of the neck usually provides enough material for the procedure, but if no hair is left on the head, then other parts of the body surely provide plenty. Once the perfect area is found, the doctor gains the healthy follicles with the help of microsurgical methods. These follicles will then get transplanted to incisions of less than one millimeter on the scalp. You should be aware, though, that you are not likely to see the results right after the surgery.

Please keep on mind that not the hair itself gets transplanted, but the follicle only. This is why you need to wait until your new hair starts to grow, and until you get your crown back.

Hair implants costs abroad

Hair restoration is the same as what you would get at home, but if you come to Hungary, you do not only get your young look back at an inexpensive price, but you can also enjoy the gastronomical and geographical miracles that you can only find in this beautiful country. The cost of hair transplant is much lower than in the UK or Ireland: you can save about 50% or more.

Hair transplant destinations – Poland, Hungary, Turkey

Have you considered going abroad for your hair transplant treatment? It’s high time to make an informed decision! Comparing prices you can save a lot – about 70% on your local hair restoration costs. Poland, Turkey and Hungary are popular places that offer great savings and high standard of treatment. FUE2 is the most popular technology that Hungarian hair clinics use and they guarantee a high success rate that finally results in a happy patient. Now free consultation for hair loss assessment in London is available!

A solution to your hair problems in Budapest, Hungary

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants have emerged as the leading method for addressing receding hairlines, thinning hair, and bald patches caused by male pattern hair loss. FUE offers several key advantages that make it highly desirable for individuals seeking hair restoration. Firstly, it is a non-invasive procedure, meaning that it does not involve any major incisions or sutures. Additionally, FUE is virtually painless, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients. Furthermore, one of the most appealing aspects of FUE is that it leaves no visible scars, allowing individuals to achieve a natural-looking hairline.

Moreover, opting for FUE treatment abroad can significantly reduce costs, with potential savings of up to 60% compared to local options. Budapest, Hungary, has emerged as a top choice for UK male patients due to its excellent reputation for offering high-quality FUE procedures at competitive prices. By choosing FUE hair transplants, individuals can regain their confidence and restore their hairline without invasive procedures or noticeable scarring, all while enjoying significant cost savings through treatment abroad.

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