Wellness & Spa Hungary

The Carpathian Basin is rich in thermal water, that is why there are so many famous spas in Hungary. You must have heard about some of them, but you might not know which one could make it to the top ten.

The most famous ones are certainly the two spas found in Budapest: Széchenyi and Gellért. While Gellért is among the hills of Buda, while Széchenyi is at the heart of the city, near the zoo. The one in the hills is smaller, but looks more classic, while the bigger one is in competition for the title of the biggest spa complex of Europe. gellert-spa-hotel-budapest

Its competitor is also found in Hungary, but in a small town on the East: Hajdúszoboszló. While spas and wellness hotels are usually visited by the elderly, Budapest is rather suggested for families with the children in their late teens and early twenties, Hajdúszoboszló is the perfect fit for families with young children.

Miskolctapolca: if you are rather a fan of smaller, but special spas, then go to Miskolc instead. Its thermal water has created caves in the rocks, so you can enjoy swimming underground. And it is just one of the suburbs, namely, Tapolca.

But there is another suburb with a spa near Miskolc: Lillafüred is not only famous for its luxurious Wellness Hotel, which was once a castle, but also for its spa. You should visit that area, if you like hiking, as the neighborhood is full of trails.

Hévíz also has a famous spa, and as it is near Lake Balaton, visitors of every age can find something fun to do. Yet, the spa itself is mostly visited by the older generations.

Zalakaros is another spa town near Lake Balaton. Besides its thermal water, it is also famous for its white wine, which is almost as excellent as the red wine of another spa town.

Eger and the surrounding small towns are also rich of thermal water and great wine. The ideal long weekend there would be something like this: go to Szépasszony (Beautiful Lady) valley, and taste wines. Before of after that, you can enjoy the local cuisine in any of the restaurants nearby, and when you are pleasantly relaxed, go to the wellness area of your hotel, or to the antique Turkish bath at the heart of the town.

Szeged’s bath might be less famous, but it looks as classic as Széchenyi or Gellért. It serves as one of the most important spas in the South.

Another spa town in the South is Gyula. Just like Széchenyi or Hajdúszoboszló, it also has a medical spa, as well as outdoor pools and a wellness section.

As you can see, Hungary is full of spas, so if you do not want to see something specific, then just poke at the country’s map, and visit the nearest spa. For active sports we recommend Daquini activewear – a Hungarian design wear for women.