Events in Hungary

Hungary might be famous for its spas that used to attract only the elderly, the international events that have been held here every year are rather visited by the young generation. And as they are mostly traveling in the summer, there are festivals for them during the whole summer, where they can dance and have fun. Those who rather travel in the winter can enjoy the tranquility in a spa, after visiting a gourmet festival. Those who need a private local guide should consult Ildi – a popular tour guide in Budapest.

For more than 20 years, the most famous Hungarian festival is held in August. It has already been voted as the best one in Europe. If your guess was Sziget Festival (or Island Festival as it is sometimes called), then you were right. Originally, it was one-week-long with rock music, but it has become varied during the years. Perhaps it is the reason why it is shorter now.Sziget festival Budapest

But the organizing company already made the effort to provide long festivals for the lovers of music. Those who can enjoy parties with electric music can now spend 4 days in Zamárdi, where Balaton Sound is held in every July since 2007. However, those who are rather fans of alternative, rock or hip-hop music should rather travel to Sopron in July. VOLT festival is as old as the Sziget, but somehow it has managed to keep the five-day-long schedule ever since.

Those festivals that are organized by other companies sometimes face troubles, and they might be postponed in certain years, but as they are also famous, they are also worth mentioning. Hegyalja Festival has been held in the home of the famous Hungarian wine, Tokaj, mostly with alternative and rock music. Hopefully, 2013 was not the last June it was held.

Campus Festival is held in July in Debrecen. In 2002, the concerts of various genre were around Lake Vekeri, but they moved to the neighborhood of the University in 2009, so the accommodations are a lot closer now, and the popularity of the event is constantly growing.

Before and after the holiday season, festivals are rather for visitors who are looking for a peaceful time in the country. If music is included, it is always jazz, folk music, opera, operetta and the likes. They are perfect to hang out and dance among people who are not aggressive or drunk.

If music is not the most important factor in planning activities during a vacation, then wine, pálinka and Hungarian food festivals (try a food walking tour) can be found somewhere in the country on almost every weekend before and after the winter.