Egyedi öltöny készítés: bespoke méretes szabóság Budapest

Bespoke: Méretes szabóság: öltöny készítés Budapest - egyedi, méretre készített öltöny, zakó mellény

As a bespoke tailor in the English tradition, Simon guides his customers to make thoughtful choices that help them step out with comfort, confidence and style.

Egyedi, méretre készített zakó, ing, mellény: Bespoke öltöny

Megtervezheti méretre szabott, elegáns, egyedi bespoke öltöny, zakó, nadrág, mellény ruhadarabjait, és Simon elkészíti azt.

Egyedi öltöny: bespoke zakó készítés méretre Budapest

For cost-effectiveness, most commercial suits contain synthetic fibres, which the retailer tries to present as an advantage, saying that it reduces wrinkling. But polyester makes the suit “cheap” not only in price but also in aesthetics. A quality suit is made from 100 per cent natural materials, most commonly wool. The best are Australian, New Zealand or Scottish merino, which are processed to produce fabrics of different character and fineness. The fineness of the fabric is graded according to the “Super S” system, where a Super 100’S mark indicates a perfect fabric. The higher the number, the finer the fabric.

However, for everyday wear, it is not advisable to choose fabrics finer than 130’S, as these are practical for casual pieces. In addition to wool, a quality fabric may contain cashmere or mohair – but never, ever polyester. And a real suit is made with glue-free tailoring technology! In mass-produced suits, a synthetic layer of adhesive is baked onto the inner surface of the fabric at high temperatures. Even the tiny seams are solved with various adhesive tapes instead of stitches.

As this process ‘kills’ the fabric, the suit becomes increasingly ‘baggy’ and shabby-looking as it is worn. In addition, after rain or a few cleanings, the taping will release the fabric in places, resulting in blistering. In contrast, bespoke (i.e. made to measure) suits have a horsehair canvas attached to the fabric using fine stitches. This gives the fabric support, allows it to ventilate unhindered, and if it wrinkles, it will kick out.

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