ASEA Water Australia – Redox miracle molecules

Asea water MLM business Australia loginWhen you hear the word ’MLM’, you feel bad and the notorious pyramid schemes immediately come to your mind. That is not the case with doTERRA or ASEA Global which is a multi-level marketing corporation founded by a retired exec in 2009 and the firm is profitable from the beginning. What could be its secret?

The name itself comes from the sea, representing healing and rejuvenation. It sells health, skin-care and nutrition products that are all based on patented core technology and what is the most important that all of their products have good reviews from the scientific community.

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The company has just four produts: the company’s original product is ASEA Redox which is a liquid supplement to impove all the body’s systems. It is the first cosumable product that can help the restoration of cells which is a vital part of health and recovery. It is the only supplement on the market containing active redox signaling molecules that can reverse cellular breakdown in the human body resulting from age or environmental factors such as stress, pollution and diet.

What does asea help with?

RENU 28 is a skin-revitalizing gel designed to ensure cellular health from the outside in and to help improving the following areas: skin moisture, skin smoothness, skin elasticity, wrinkles and facial skin texture. It renews your skin on a cellular level.

RENU Advanced is a skincare system including RENU28 and a gentle cleanser, moisturizer and a redox serum.

ASEA VIA is a nutrition product containing three nutritional supplements: Source, Biome and LifeMax.

ASEA for MLM business in Australia – Signup, login, make money!

The MLM network of members is international as ASEA welcomes people from Australia to join the company as distributors. Nowadays more than 65 000 distributors in 31 countries work for them. To become an ASEA distributor all you have to do is buy the business kit for 40 USD. After this you can select your discounted enrollment products that you can receive each month at a discounted rate.

The company offers various ways to make money: Fast Start Bonus, Director bonus when achieving Director rank within 14 days of enrollment, retail sales (purchasing products at wholesale and selling them at retail price), preferred customer bonus (sign up a preferred customer and earn 25 USD on every purchase made by them), team commissions and many more.

MLM companies in Australia registration

The company’s biggest advantage is its unique products: ASEA Redox and RENU28 are considered as medical breakthroughs and it definitely gives the company an edge in the market. The products have a scientifically proven background that makes them credible among customers. Several athletes also give their names to ASEA products and they believe that these products help them to recover quickly and maintain their health.

If you try ASEA products and have a positive impression, you could give a try to become an ASEA distributor as the startup fee is fairly affordable. Though the products themselves might seem a bit expensive, but they are based on medical researches. They have a real chance to help patients to improve the immune system, to maintain cardivascular health and to modulate hormone balance for better vitality and wellness. So give it a shot but do not have very big expectations to quit your normal working place soon.