Online physiotherapy with a Hungarian therapist

Online physiotherapy Budapest, HungaryDuring the online physiotherapy consultation, we discuss your complaints, medical tests and perform active movement exercises via video call. After this, we will create a treatment plan and I will put together a personalized series of physiotherapy exercises for you.

In order to have a successful therapy, you must perform the agreed exercises on your own every day. Depending on the problem, a video call consultation is required on a weekly basis to continue with therapy or, if necessary, modify the practices learned so far. Ergonomic advice is part of the consultation.

Besides Szentendre and Budapest, meet me online

I recommend the online physiotherapy to my returning and new patients who, due to the distance or the established epidemiological situation, do not want to visit our office in person at all or only rarely. The advantage of online exercise therapy is that you do not have to spend time on travelling and you can do the gym conveniently in the safety of your home. After most musculoskeletal injuries or surgery, rehabilitation can also be done online although it is less effective than face-to-face physiotherapy.

Video consultation physiotherapist online: Szentendre, Pomaz, Budakalasz, BudapestIn case of pain in your neck, back and waist related to sedentary work, the spine can be performed during an online consultation via video call but in case of severe arm or leg pain, numbness or dizziness, a personal physiotherapy consultation is recommended after a medical examination.

If you would like to register for an online physiotherapy consultation, please contact me by mail or phone and make an appointment in advance. The consultations take 30 or 50 minutes and take place on Google Meet, Skype, or Viber.

Online classes are subject to the same cancellation policy as other treatments, so you can change your online consultation no later than 24 hours before the agreed time.

Physiotherapy in general: what it is good for?

Physiotherapy uses physical (mechanical) energies to heal and it is a very effective treatment for most musculoselektal complaints. We use it for prevention, healing, recreation and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy is a professional health activity aimed at repairing musculoselektal damage and dysfunction, reducing/eliminating pain and improving quality of life by developping mobility.

It is a personalized movement therapy that is adapted to individual needs and physical condition. Depending on individual goals, we use specific exercises to stretch and strengthen the right muscles, and improve balance and coordination. In addition to physiotherapy sessions, doing the learned exercises at home is an important part of the therapy.

Virtual appointments with a physiotherapist: join a class in the comfort and safety of your home or wherever you are!

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