iTOVi Scanner for doTERRA oils

What is iTOVi scan?

iTOVi scanner - doTERRA scan with iTOViThe iTOVi scanner is a unique device that helps you determine which essential oils your body has a strong response to through galvanic skin response to live a longer and healthier way of life as part of you anti-aging regimen. The iTOVi device can list items (from the company you register with) that your body responded to during the iTOVi scan. It allows you to personalize your wellness plan thus offering the best essential oils your body needs because everybody is different! This tools is a mobile scanner – that means it uses a bluetooth technology to connect with your mobile application and the server so you need internet connection to run the process. The alternative to this market leading gadget is Zyto that uses a similar technology – except that Zyto uses a cradle and the device is connected to a desktop computer. With iTOVi you can scan anyone from the street literaly – as this gadget is mobile and prompt. BUY iTOVi here!

iTOVi doTERRA scan report 2020

How does iTOVi scanner work?

Each iTOVi scan takes less than 90 seconds! During a scan, the device uses galvanic skin response/GSR by measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin and identifying the most pronounced changes and as a result comes up with a list of products from your registered essential oil maker like doTERRA, Young Living. However, the iTOVi is not a diagnostic tool – it is restricted to finding thevolatile oils your body needs.

Use this wonderful tool to find the best oils from doTERRA or Young Living and enjoy life with natural products (like Renu 28) that really can help with healing. You will find both emotional oils and body systems oils that might contain molecules with justified healing properties like boswellic acid, carvacrol or limonen.