Hungarian Citizenship & Simplified Naturalization

How to get Hungarian citizenship?

By naturalization or descent from a Hungarian parent, one might become a citizen of Hungary. Foreign parents who give birth in Hungary typically do not obtain Hungarian citizenship. A citizen of Hungary is also a member of the European Union. In 1993, the present Hungarian nationality law went into effect.

As of 1 March 2013, spouses of Hungarian citizens may also apply for Simplified Naturalization to become Hungarian citizens if they:

  • either for five years and have a child together, or for ten years and have been legally married to a Hungarian citizen on the day the spouse submits his or her application;
  • they have no criminal records, are not being investigated, and their naturalization does not compromise Hungary’s public order or national security;
  • they demonstrate their knowledge of the Hungarian language.

The Hungarian National Assembly amended Act LV of 1993 on Hungarian citizenship and instituted a process known as Simplified Naturalization on May 26, 2010, with a resounding majority vote.

The process has been made simpler and the administrative load has decreased thanks to this new regulation. Everyone who is not a citizen of Hungary is qualified for preferred naturalization if:

  • s/he or any of her/his ancestors held Hungarian citizenship, or if there is reason to believe that his or her origins are Hungarian,
  • s/he can demonstrate his proficiency in the Hungarian language,
  • s/he has no criminal convictions or active legal issues, and
  • her/his naturalization does not compromise Hungary’s public order or security.

The above said implies that neither having Hungarian parents nor owning property there is required.

English-speaking individuals can get assistance from Hungarian Language Solutions in getting ready for their citizenship interview since 2010.

FAQ – Answered

Is it challenging to become a citizen of Hungary?

If you were born in Hungary, you can obtain citizenship by naturalization after five years of residing on Hungarian soil. Before the age of 18, you established a place of habitation in Hungary.

Does Hungary give citizenship to foreigners?

The following general requirements must be met before a foreign national can become a citizen of Hungary: they must have lived continuously in Hungary for at least eight years prior to submitting their application; they must also have no felony convictions on their record; they must have adequate means of support and a place to live in Hungary; they must also pass a citizenship test in Hungarian.

What level of Hungarian proficiency is required to obtain citizenship?

How much Hungarian do I need to know to pass the verification process and obtain Hungarian citizenship? There is no language requirement in this circumstance. How long does it take to truly become a citizen of Hungary through ancestry? The treatment lasts between 8 and 12 months.

How do I become a citizen of Hungary?

A non-Hungarian national who has lived in Hungary for three years straight is eligible to apply for Hungarian citizenship if I they have been legally married to a Hungarian citizen for at least three years, or (ii) they have a minor child who is a Hungarian citizen.

What advantages come with becoming a citizen of Hungary?

The advantages of becoming a citizen of Hungary:

  • a visa exemption. Visas are not required for Hungarian nationals to visit any of the Schengen nations, as well as Canada, the USA, and other countries.
  • the ability to use the Hungarian healthcare system.
  • the freedom to live and work anywhere in the EU.
  • multiple citizenships.

In summary: Being a citizen of Hungary has many advantages, such as:

  • without a visa or permit, the ability to live and work in Hungary.
  • access to social services and healthcare in Hungary.
  • eligibility to vote and take part in the political process of the nation.
  • Hungary’s property ownership potential.
  • access to safety and help from the consulate when traveling.
  • Possibility to request family members to travel to Hungary with you.
  • Possibility of obtaining an EU passport, which enables travel to and employment within other EU nations.

It is crucial to remember that these benefits could change depending on particular circumstances, and Hungary’s rules and regulations could alter over time.